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Ghostbusters: Bumps in the night could be your HVAC

Eary noises, mysterious temperature changes, moaning and creaking. Is that a ghost in your home? Maybe, but you might want to call in an HVAC technician before you call in the GhostBusters. Many of the terrifying bumps we hear in the night might not be a menacing ghost, but instead, your HVAC system screaming for maintenance. 


Dealing with any of these spooky problems? 


Cold spots

If you’ve ever watched a horror movie or ghost show, you’ll know that a sudden burst of cold air is a sure sign that those from beyond the grave have invaded a home. We have good news for you (and bad news for ghost hunters); it’s more likely the result of dirty ducts or a weak furnace. Regular duct cleaning could help, but if this doesn’t work, you might want to think about reworking your heating system. Cold spots could mean it is time for furnace maintenance or replacement. You could also boost your heating system by installing a heat pump. 



Are you waking up or coming home to groaning and creaking? If you are going to blame this on a spooky spectre, you wouldn’t be the first. However, it is more likely your furnace is in need of some TLC. It could be indicative of an issue with the motor. 



Rattling and shaking doesn’t always mean an evil spirit is about to emerge. Sometimes, it just means panels in your ductwork or furnace have become loose. Other times, it could mean there is a crack in your heat exchanger, so it’s best to call in the professionals. 



Is something sinister living in your house? You may hear scampering and scuttling in your walls. The evil perpetrator is…wait for it…rodents. Depending on your perspective, this could actually be worse. But don’t fear there is a simple solution. A thorough duct cleaning will save you from an infestation, and an experienced technician will help you find where creepy critters are entering your duct system and how to deter them. 


Dust and cobwebs

Dust and cobwebs filling your home might make it look like a ghost is about to move in but fear not. This, too, could be a sign of dirty ducts. As air cycles through our home, it picks up dust, debris, allergens and more. As time goes on, these build up in your ductwork. When you turn your heating, cooling, or even fan on, this dust will blow throughout the air, leaving a ghostly shadow on surfaces.  



Mysterious whistling coming from nowhere is undoubtedly unsettling. Don’t get too creeped out; there is a chance it’s the result of a dirty vent filter. Air trying to move through a restricted filter will likely make strange noises. If you have been dealing with unsettling sounds, try replacing the filter and see if the spooky noise stops. 


Bangs, booms, and pops

Be afraid, be very afraid…of warm air. Many people notice popping sounds when they first turn on their HVAC for the winter. It’s pretty unsettling, but it has a basic explanation. Heat causes metal ductwork to expand and contract, creating loud banging noises. If you hear this regularly, it could be a sign of something more serious. 

The spooky noises our HVAC systems make can be seriously scary. Luckily, most have a simple explanation, and an experienced HVAC technician will be able to diagnose and remedy these issues quickly. 

Even if your HVAC isn’t making spooky noises, it doesn’t mean that you are completely out of the woods. Some of the greatest threats to the health of our heating and cooling systems can be totally silent. This is why it is so important to get your HVAC inspected regularly. Are you experiencing spooky noises? Whyte Ridge is a reliable Winnipeg HVAC service. We will be sure to rid your home of the terrifying heating and cooling problems haunting it.