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Whyte Ridge was built by a vision from their founders, Taylor and Katelyn Adolphe, who noticed in their 11 years in furnace repair that most issues were caused by lack of maintenance. When they inquired who did their maintenance, people would respond with stories of duct cleaning scams, poor workmanship, and companies not showing up for scheduled appointments. This was leaving customers to put off their maintenance and which led to costly breakdowns and poor air quality.

What many people do not know about the industry is companies will sell duct cleaning at a loss in order to get inside your home. Their interest is to talk customers into replacing their furnace or air conditioners, not servicing the existing equipment. When these companies do complete the cleaning, they provide a low-quality cleaning without proper cleaning equipment. These shady business practices are what has caused so much misinformation about duct cleaning. Other companies work on commission or false advertising. They advertise a low cost, but after all the fees and extra services the $99 duct cleaning turns to $600 at the final bill. The workers do this because they work strictly on commission.

Taylor and Katie’s solution to these problems was to open a furnace and duct cleaning company that focused on customer service. Their main principle was not to sell a product or provide a service where you would contact them to service your heating and cooling equipment. This would mean they would have to invest in quality equipment, properly train staff, advertise full prices, and good scheduling.

Whyte Ridge Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning was the final solution to this vision. Whyte Ridge has invested in the most powerful duct cleaning equipment in the market. Staff do not work on commission, so they will never offer a service you do not need. Finally, there are never hidden charges or fees for completing a service. All extra services will be asked to be completed by the customer first and explained so they understand what they are paying for. You will understand why Whyte Ridge Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning is 5-Star rated on Google and A rating on BBB!

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Whyte Ridge HVAC is proud to be a Winnipeg Napoleon dealer. Discover why thousands of homes across Canada trust Napoleon’s advanced HVAC technologies to deliver outstanding indoor comfort, year-round.

Over the past 38 years, Napoleon has supplied some of the highest quality HVAC products on the market. Their premium models are built with state-of-the art technology and exceed industry standards in innovation and technology.

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