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At Whyte Ridge, we prioritize customer service and top-notch equipment. Our local team understands the unique needs of Winnipeg residents and their homes. We choose equipment and offer services tailored to our unique climate. Our expert installations ensure a reliable start for your new system. Transparent pricing empowers you to get regular maintenance, which is the key to long lasting comfort.

Discover convenient, innovative, and affordable solutions

Discover convenient, innovative, and affordable solutions: 

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Whyte Ridge installs heat pumps! The greener, cost effective solution for keeping the air in your home comfortable. Heat pumps bring the hot air into your home during winter and push it out in summer. When paired with your existing HVAC systems, they can slash your energy bills. Plus, they use natural sources to control air, so they are excellent for the environment. An environmental advantage means you can get grants to help offset costs. It’s a win-win.