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You need to know this before hiring a duct cleaner

Keeping your house clean is a never ending job, especially if you have kids or pets. Most homes battle clutter, dust, and mess on the daily.

If it gets this dirty in the areas you’re constantly cleaning and tidying, imagine what’s hiding in your ducts. Ducts are like the superhighways that connect all the rooms in your home. They’re located inside the framing of your house, in floors, ceilings and walls.

So how can you keep them clean? Hiring a professional duct cleaner is the best way to effectively remove dust, debris, pollutants, and even harmful mold from the hidden depths of your ducts. But given the prolific scams that have arisen over the years, how can you be certain that your ducts will be thoroughly cleaned?

One way is to understand the quality of machinery that duct companies use. Whyte Ridge Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning in Winnipeg is renowned for our exceptional equipment. We offer a superior negative air Vactruck drawing 17,000 CFM. For smaller or hard-to-access places, our HyperVac220v portable equipment offers high powered cleaning comparable to most duct trucks. But what does this all mean?

Find out how equipment matters and understand why ours is the best available! Whyte Ridge is committed to superior service & cleaning and hiring us will always provide you with exceptional value. Here’s why:

Powerful Vactruck technology

The Vactruck is the most powerful system on the market, with dust-tight compartments that efficiently draw dust and debris out of your ducts, collecting it on our truck to be carted away. This is the ultimate in high powered modern duct cleaning.

Our truck is capable of generating 17,000 CFM, significantly higher than some competitors who draw as little as 2000 CFM. Why does this matter? CFM, or cubic feet per minute, measures airflow volume. The higher the CFM, the more effectively everything in your ducts is removed. 

This strong vacuum effect sucks out contaminants instead of blowing it using forced air, which can cause contaminants to leak out. The advantage is improved air quality in your home, which supports your health and alleviates allergic and asthmatic symptoms. 

High CFM power on a duct truck is essential, because its operation differs from portable technology like our advanced HyperVac220v system. Trucks require us to run a hose to access your vents, which can reduce the suction effect. Starting out with a truck with 6000 CFM or less won’t get you the thorough duct cleaning you’re after – or anywhere close to the one that Whyte Ridge can provide.

Strong HyperVac200v suction

Using our portable system, Whyte Ridge is able to offer the same level of effective cleaning as our Vactruck in hard-to-access areas and for homes smaller than 15,000 square feet. It’s also a quick way to clean your ducts more frequently, making it ideal if you suffer from dust allergies. 

The HyperVac200v is compact enough to fit through doors and dismantles easily, allowing our technicians to access even the tightest spaces. It’s fast and ultra efficient, offering superior filtration capabilities.

We use high quality nanofiber filters, which employ tiny sub-microfibers for unsurpassed dust collection and air filtration performance. They have smaller pores that mean they’re able to collect smaller particles than other portable machines, giving you improved cleaning and dust collection results.

Why Whyte Ridge?

The answer is simple: we invest in the best equipment on the market and ensure our technicians are highly trained to provide exceptional cleaning and customer service. The results speak for themselves. 

When you trust Whyte Ridge to clean your ducts and furnace, you know you’ll get:

  • Reliable, affordable service
  • Improved air flow and HVAC system energy efficiency 
  • A decreased risk of mold growth in your ducts

Cleaning your ducts is one of those unpleasant necessities of being a homeowner, but taking steps to hire the right company supplied with the most powerful equipment available will ensure effective removal of more contaminants from your home. Whyte Ridge makes it easy, by combining all of that controlled suction power with friendly, reliable service every step of the way.

Don’t ignore the dust and debris that’s collecting in your ducts. Get rid of it, with negative air suction that will quickly remove it from your ducts and prevent it from recirculating in your air (and settling on your home’s surfaces).

The results are worth the investment. With Whyte Ridge’s affordable duct cleaning services, you’ll be assured of: 

  • Cleaner air for better health and reduced allergic symptoms
  • Easier home maintenance with less dust collecting on surfaces
  • Reduced HVAC system operating costs 

Before you hire a duct cleaner, make sure you understand how their equipment can make a real difference to the quality of service they provide. At Whyte Ridge, we don’t compromise, using the most effective negative air technology available. Now you know.