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Turn up the heat: How to keep your home warm & cozy without breaking the bank this winter.

The colder months have arrived, with flurries in the air and sharp winds cooling down the temperatures inside and out. Before you reach for the thermostat, we can help you keep your home comfortable for everyone without jacking up your bills.

There’s really no ideal temperature, since everyone has a different comfort level, but compromising can help you achieve balance between warmth and cost. We recommend keeping your home around 21 degrees Celsius during the daytime when you’re inside, and lowering it to 18 degrees Celsius at night or while you’re away from home. Cooler temperatures facilitate sleeping and work better with our natural fluctuations.

To avoid frequently adjusting your thermostat, which can lead to a steep jump in your energy costs, here are a few tips to help maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature inside your home this winter.

Accept that everyone has a different comfort level

People who share a home will have to be accommodating on finding a comfortable temperature compromise. Try starting with our suggested temperature ranges. If most people in the home still aren’t comfortable, you can make adjustments but it’s best to consider a goal temperature rather than trying to adjust the thermostat multiple times throughout the day.

Encourage colder people to layer on extra sweaters or add a cozy blanket to their bed at night so that everyone is happier with your thermostat settings.

Consider a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a bit of an investment, but offer convenience and savings in the long run. By controlling your indoor temperatures and making adjustments at specific times, they’ll reduce your bills as well as keep your family comfortable.

Installing a smart thermostat allows you to control your heating or cooling system remotely from your phone, so you can lower the temperature if you won’t be coming home or increase it in preparation for your arrival. It’s even helpful to make an adjustment from the comfort of your bed if you find yourself too warm overnight.

Keep your basement cozy

Basements provide extra living space or bedrooms but can feel cooler and less comfortable in the winter months. To keep using and enjoying them, there are a few things you can do to make them cozy.

Because they’re surrounded by concrete that absorbs the cold and moisture from the ground, it’s important to have good insulation in a basement. If you’re considering renovating, make sure that the basement insulation is adequate. Keep in mind that hot air rises and direct sunlight rarely warms a basement, so even with sufficient insulation, it may still feel cool.

Another renovation option is to install radiant in-floor heating. Additional ducts for forced air can also help circulate warm air in the basement. Baseboard heaters aren’t very efficient and aren’t recommended.

Less expensive options include adding a portable electric fireplace or plug-in space heaters. A ductless heat pump is also cheaper than radiant flooring and less invasive than a full renovation. If you’re on a tight budget, adding a variety of cozy throw blankets and some extra area rugs can help keep basement dwellers warm.

Book regular maintenance

No one wants to be faced with a broken HVAC system, especially in the winter months. It’s a good idea to book preventative maintenance before the colder temperatures arrive. That way, you’ll be assured that your system is functioning optimally, and you’re less likely to face expensive and disruptive repairs in the winter.

As a homeowner, you can also take steps to ensure your HVAC system continues to work well. Keep shrubbery around your unit trimmed and make sure your furniture is placed away from air vents to facilitate proper air circulation. Regularly replacing your filter will also promote effective functioning, reducing your energy costs and promoting cleaner air in your living spaces.

With the colder months stretching out in front of us, now is a great time to book a maintenance service call. Ask us about the installation of a smart thermostat that will help keep you and your family comfortable affordably this winter.