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Shop local: Canadian-made furnaces you can rely on

As consumer demand outpaces supply and pandemic shortages persist, we’ve started looking for ways to support local producers. This is great news for Canadian companies who have been manufacturing top-quality products all along.

Napoleon’s line of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are 100% Canadian, made right here at home in their Barrie, Ontario plant. They’re built for our climate, so you know you can trust them to keep you and your family comfortable in our tough winters and hot summers. 

Supporting local Canadian companies is only one of the reasons we love Napoleon products. They’re also known for quality you can count on. They’re committed to environmentally-conscious innovations, and all of their products are backed by excellent warranties. 

When you choose Napoleon for your home HVAC system, you know you’re getting reliability. They’ll connect you with dealers who are trained to work with their products so your system will be properly maintained throughout its lifespan. Here’s why it’s worth finding an installation company that uses Canadian-made Napoleon products the next time you upgrade your HVAC:

Quality you can trust

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected breakdown that requires costly or time-consuming repairs. Our Canadian winters demand consistent and reliable functioning from our HVAC systems. 

We always recommend regular inspections and maintenance to keep your system performing well and avoid the need for inconvenient or emergency repairs. Starting with a high-quality system like those made by Napoleon is also good assurance that your home will be kept reliably comfortable. These HVAC systems are made with superior parts that can be counted on to work for a long time.

Swept fan contoured blades provide you with quiet operation and superior air flow. They’re made with a plated steel hub and aluminum blades, so they’re built to last even in the most extreme Canadian climates.

Copeland scroll compressors are industry-leaders, enabling enhanced temperature and pressure protection with lower vibrations for quiet operation.

Napoleon air conditioner units use micro-channel condenser coils. These compact coils allow for a smaller unit size and require less refrigerant. They’re also easy to maintain because they’re made of aluminum instead of copper. AC units are protected with unique extruded slot side panels to allow sufficient air to flow through during operation.

Environmental sustainability

Sustainable choices are good for our environment and also for the health of your family, so we appreciate Napoleon’s commitment to bringing you clean air quality.

The lower levels of chlorine-free refrigerant required by their cooling and humidifying products means they aren’t contributing to ozone depletion. This also reduces your power consumption and extends the life of your unit. 

Napoleon uses high-quality Emerson EK filters that remove unwanted acids, dirt, particle debris, and contaminants from refrigerants, keeping your system working efficiently for longer.

Reduce your exposure to airborne pollutants by combining a Napoleon system with superior filters. A commitment to the health of our planet with sustainable choices that are built to last makes these units a top choice for Canadian consumers.

Reliable service

Even the best HVAC units require occasional servicing, and Napoleon makes it easy to connect with technicians who are ready to provide you with service to keep your Napoleon system running smoothly. Their HVAC products include features that facilitate repairs, meaning faster, cheaper maintenance calls for you. 

Napoleon offers great limited warranties, including 10-year parts and 15-year unit replacements on furnaces. They even have a Lifetime Heat Exchanger warranty. Air conditioning systems are backed by 10-year parts and compressor warranties. You know you’re getting efficient and reliable equipment with guarantees like this.

Keep it local when heating your home

Napoleon is a great choice if you’re looking for Canadian-made HVAC products. With quality components and efficient performance, their products will work hard to stand up to our Canadian climate. 

Winter is just around the corner, so make sure you book a furnace inspection to get your system ready to function well throughout the colder months. Reliable service combined with Napoleon’s high-efficiency furnaces are your best assurance to stay warm this winter.