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Climate Control: How to survive erratic spring weather.

Ah, spring, with your fluctuating temperatures. In Canada, this time of year often means experiencing all kinds of weather in a single day, and can cause you to shift from freezing to sweating so fast that you wind up with whiplash.

These temperature swings aren’t just hard on us; they’re also hard on our heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems. We might expect them to maintain a consistent temperature in our homes, but the truth is that wide variations in the weather can impact our indoor environment as well. 

Be careful not to overwork your HVAC system this spring, and prevent avoidable wear and tear that could lead to summertime breakdowns when you want your AC the most. Here are our tips to help you … ahem … weather the fluctuating temperatures this spring.

Use a programmable thermostat

Cold mornings that fade into hot afternoons? Instead of jacking up the heat only to switch over to your air conditioning a few hours later, install a programmable thermostat that can help even out your indoor temperatures (and avoid overworking your HVAC system). You can also set it to adjust the temperature if no one is home during the day, then kick in to make it comfortable just before you’re due to arrive back home. Since this will help to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, you’ll also have some extra funds available for any complainers who need to buy an extra sweater or invest in more fans.

Go for the middle ground

This time of year, it can be helpful to compromise on a middling temperature that you agree not to change – or only alter slightly. Avoid routinely adjusting your thermostat, which forces your HVAC system to run constantly, often without ever achieving a comfortable temperature. Instead, embrace the volatility of spring and try to settle on a temp that keeps everyone in your family reasonably happy.

Keep up with maintenance

Help your HVAC system operate at maximum efficiency by staying up to date with inspections and maintenance. This might even mean having your heater serviced in the spring if you still find you’re running it on the daily. Swap out filters for fresh, high-efficiency ones that’ll collect pollen and outdoor contaminants before they circulate continuously in your home.

Take the old-fashioned route

Opening windows and turning on fans can help keep indoor areas at a comfortable temperature without over-taxing your HVAC system. As the temperatures warm up, switching ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise can help pull hotter air out of your living spaces and keep down air conditioning costs.

Add extra blankets

It might sound counterintuitive, but throwing some extra blankets on your beds in the spring can avoid the temptation to change your furnace settings constantly. You may find that your home heats up efficiently with the spring sunshine, but cools down significantly at night. Instead of bouncing between air conditioning and heat, lock in the sun’s warmth by closing drapery and blinds in the evenings, and add extra layers on your bed so that you’ll stay toasty warm without having to crank the heat.

Yes, spring in Canada is notoriously moody, but at least it means sunny days and greener grass are on their way. Avoid running into problems with your HVAC system by accepting that variations in the weather may impact the consistency of your indoor temperatures. And if you run into problems, know that Whyte Ridge Heating and Air Conditioning in Winnipeg can set you right, with exceptional service and maintenance options, no matter the weather outside.