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Energy costs: Should I get a heat pump?

With winter weather upon us and costs soaring, now is a great time to reevaluate your home’s energy consumption. Heat pumps are gaining momentum as a way to reduce energy needs. They offer the flexibility of standalone temperature control or the compatibility to work effectively alongside your furnace. 

Whyte Ridge HVAC is a proud distributor of Napoleon products and provides exceptional installation and customer service. If you want to reduce your heating bills, find out the top five reasons you should consider buying a heat pump.

1. Advancing technology

While heat pump technology has been around for awhile, recent advances have made them more efficient than ever. They work in conjunction with your home heating and cooling system to effectively transfer heat, keeping your indoor areas comfortable throughout the year.

In the summer, a heat pump acts like an air conditioner, transferring indoor heat outside. During the spring and fall, it effectively draws outdoor heat in. Homes in moderate climates may find a heat pump sufficient to keep indoor temperatures optimal, but harsh Canadian winters usually mean combining the effects of a heat pump with your existing gas furnace. You’ll still benefit from reduced energy costs but the additional heat from your furnace will ensure your family stays warm.

In addition to improvements in efficiency, heat pumps have also benefited from technology upgrades, like connecting through wifi to your thermostat controls. They’re easy to use and provide affordable, reliable temperature regulation.

2. Increased energy efficiency

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) can reduce your energy consumption and costs by up to 30%. They’re more efficient at controlling temperatures than traditional systems. This means an overall reduction in energy consumption to achieve similar results. 

While actual energy savings will depend on the climate in which you live, having a heat pump (even in conjunction with your furnace) will decrease your overall energy needs.

3. Environmentally-friendly

Furnaces run on fossil fuels like natural gas, creating heat through combustion. Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from one place to another, making them an environmentally-friendly option for temperature regulation.

Even if you don’t have access to electricity from a green energy source, heat pumps remain the winner in the environmental category. That’s because they simply use less energy overall. It’s a scientific fact that energy can’t be created or destroyed, but heat pumps have the unique ability to generate more heat than they use. That’s because they transfer energy from one place to another.

4. Year-round comfort

Long, cold Canadian winters may mean you’ll have to continue relying on traditional heating methods, but adding a heat pump alongside your furnace can still maximize the overall energy efficiency of your home.

In the summer, heat pumps can work as effectively as central air conditioners, in some cases replacing them altogether. No matter the time of year, a heat pump can provide you with energy-efficient temperature control to keep your family comfortable.

5. Save money and access rebates

Energy savings add up. Using a heat pump to reduce overall energy requirements by about one-third can mean significant savings for an average family home. Costs for both natural gas and electricity are rising sharply so making your home more energy efficient will pay dividends for years to come.

You’ll also be eligible for hefty rebates. Efficiency Manitoba is offering homeowners rebates of up to $1.65 per square foot for installing air source heat pumps. That means nearly $2000 for a 1200 square foot home and more than $2500 if your home is 1600 square feet.

Whyte Ridge HVAC can help you increase the efficiency of your home, decrease your energy bill, and capture savings through this rebate opportunity by installing an ultra high efficiency Napoleon heat pump. These units are compact, extremely quiet, and can be installed outdoors in narrow spaces.

Ask us how we can help keep your home affordably comfortable today.